Arcade & Action for Iphone OS

Crossy Road 1.5.8

An endless arcade hopper made of blocks. Hispter Whale's Crossy Road is a revision of a classic game: the frogger game (or frog cross game). Gameplay is still the same: you have to make animals cross roads and rivers dodging cars and other obstacles.

Minion Rush 4.9.0

Put yourself in a Minion's shoes and impress your evil boss. In this Despicable Me game, your objective as a minion is to complete many tasks in order to impress your boss, evil Gru! In a Temple Run/Subway Surfers style, you need to guide the minion

Splash 1.0

It’s up to you to see how far you can get in this quite addicting, simple, and fun game. In Splash for your iOS or Android device, you’ll be controlling a black ball that’ll jump on different colored cubes, with the game counting how ma

Gravity Switch 1.1.2

A maze game with a a twist of fate - and gravity.. Gravity Switch is a maze style game that requires you to pay attention and focus on what is going on - and make sure you can master gravity by making it work for you. Each maze is different and feels lik

Mikey Shorts Halloween 1.8.2

A 8bit platformer. This is the Halloween themed version of Mikey Shorts. If you were late to the sale, look for the standard one instead. Mikey Shorts is a 8bit-like platformer, worthy of the golden Master System era, based on several random absurd storyl

Firemen Rush - Fire Fighter Life Rescue Team! 1.9

Become a fireman and save as many people as you can. Firemen Rush is a pixel adventure arcade where you put yourself in the shoes of a fireman and try to rescue as many people as possible. Be sure to avoid all the falling obstacles and collect as many pow

Cookies Factory - The Cookie Firm Management Game 1.4.2

Create the perfect cookie and throw the bad ones away. Cookies Factory is the perfect place to work. Who doesn't love cookies? In this game, your task will be to help in the process of creating cookies and taking care of the quality. A good cookie is

Spaced-Out 1.0

This is a game of timing and accuracy.. In Spaced Out, you have to help an astronaut jump around a world. You have to avoid the holes, so you have to adjust your pace. You stop and start moving with the controls, and you can even slow down. Really the ga

Smart Color Path 1.0

Complete the path by connecting multi-colored circles correctly. Smart Color Path might appear simple, but don't let the minimalist design fool you: this is a devilishly difficult puzzle game with a difference. In Smart Color Path, your aim is to co

SteamBirds 1.3.1

Steambirds is a turn-based strategy game. If you like History and you think that War is not all about shooting, take a look at this. Steambirds' developers has found an interesting way to set levels: a time-chart. In other words, each level is a miss