Role Playing for Iphone OS

Clash of Kings - CoK 3.2.0

Defend your empire and destroy others in this capable strategy game.. Clash of Kings is a good looking strategy game that fires on all cylinders. Being able to play against other players vastly increases replay potential. There are a good number of optio

Angry Birds Evolution 1.11.2

Drag back, release, and destroy those awful green piggies. It seems those green piggies just never learn. In Angry Birds Evolution, they’re once again back to rob those delicious eggs. Designed for the iOS and Android, you’ll lead a ragtag te

Fairytale Fiasco - Sleeping Spell Rescue 2.5

~~> It’s a royal snooze fest! Help Sleeping Beauty wake up the entire kingdom and save them from the sleeping spell! ~~> Overcome TONS of fun and challenging levels as you make your way to the royal palace! ~~> Dress the princesses in gorgeous gowns, ca

Ninjia Legend:Heros of Hayate 1.1.6

《Ninjia Legend:Heros of Hayate》The plot and classic scenes of the original work is truly reproduced in the game. A wide range of skills and gorgeous special effects are offered for you. Every ninja has his exclusive skill that is especially designed based

Blocky Neighbor 3D 1.6

Lets have some fun at Blocky Neighbor scary home! Are you ready to do some crazy activities at your neighbor’s house! Let’s play this game and enjoy the haunted house ! Your neighbor is busy in doing some suspicious activities. Let’s enter in his house

Petown 1.0

1. New System a- Branch Evolution. Some Legendary Pet can choose X or Y Evolution when they Mega Evolve. b- Mega R2 exclusive ability & move. c- Trainer Potenial & Passive skill system. 2.First purchase events reset. All records of first purchase event

Infinite Idols ~Popular Clicker-style Free Casual Game~ 1.0.0

From the company that brought you the super popular AfroHamster series, a new app! Create an infinitely growing group of kawaii Idols! Follow in the footsteps of famous Idol groups like AKB48 from Japan in a new endless Clicker-style action game! You are

Pro DIG IT! A Digger Simulator 20'16 1.0

Then open your own digger company in "DIG IT! Do you love that moment when the engine starts and that rich diesel sound fills the air? Do you get a kick out of moving earth with a variety of high-powered diggers, bulldozers and dump trucks? Do you yearn

American Princess - Free 1.0

❤❤❤ Have Fun dressing up your American Princess! ❤❤❤ Choose from a huge selection of dresses, accessories, and costumes! Pick a background to match your outfit! There are as many options are there are Colors of the Wind!

Space Expedition: Classic Adventure 1.1

Space Expedition is an exciting oldschool platform game with a colorful mixture of gameplay genres. This is a story of brave astronaut who is to discover what really happened on a distant space station. Discover new locations, solve puzzles, evade the tr